B. Oneness Earth – SUPPLEMENT – CBS TV – Holiday Season 1977 Dec UN: Peace Meditation Event

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A. SUMMARY  excerpts of quotes of participants: oneness-earth-universal-unity-for-holiday-season-programme/ which appeared in the 1977 Devoted Report to the Secretary-General.

Download: Oneness Earth , booklet supplement in pdf formathttps://www.srichinmoypeacemeditationatun.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pma-1977-dec-14-oneness-earth-ocr.pdf

Brief Report also appeared in Dec 1977 “Meditation at the United Nations” pages 44 -53

D. PHOTOS from Oneness Earth – PHOTOS – CBS TV – Holiday Season 1977 Dec UN:



A programme celebrating the universal brotherhood and unity which are evoked in this season by holidays around the world.

14 December 1977 United Nations, New York. Printed as a special supplement to the Peace Meditation Group Bulletin Copyright © 1977

Conference Room 4 United Nations, New York

Opening meditation: Sri Chinmoy, Leader, Peace Meditation Group at the U.N.

Song  – The Meditation Group Choir

Distinguished speakers:

  • Mr. Thami Mhlambiso Representative African National Congress
  • H.E. Dr. Jorge Enrique Illueca Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of Panama to the United Nations
  • Mr. John Grun Director International Year of the Child Secretariat
  •  H.E. Mr. Allard K. Lowenstein Ambassador Alternate Representative of the United States of America for Special Political Affairs at the United Nations
  • Dr. Robert Muller Director and Deputy to the Under-SecretaryGeneral for Inter-Agency Affairs and Co-ordination
  • The Right Reverend Mo’nsignor Giovanni Cheli, j.C.D., D.D. Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations

Two songs:

The Peace Meditation Group Choir

Painting by Sri Chinmoy


“United Nations: the Heart-Home of the World -Body” on display

“The outer message of the United Nations is Peace.

The inner message of the United Nations is Love.

The inmost message of the United Nations is Oneness.

Peace we feel. Love we become. Oneness we manifest.”

-Sri Chinmoy

Sponsored by Sri Chinmoy: the Peace Meditation at the United Nations

Mr.Jeff Kamen, U.N. Correspondent, WPIX-TV News :

       Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome. The Peace Meditation Group at the U.N. is honoured by the presence of diplomats whose lives are dedicated to the service of mankind. Despite differences of culture, language and faith, they are in fact united in the vision of the inseparability of the human family , of the need to share our fragile planet in love and peace.

       This holiday season gathering at the headquarters of the world organisation is tangible proof that there are people of conscience and compassion who clearly understand that whoever leads in the heart is a true leader.

       Please join Meditation Group Leader, Sri Chinmoy now in silence as he invokes the spirit of Oneness-Earth.

A minute of silent meditation follows.

Mr. Jeff Kamen: The Meditation Group Choir will now offer Sri Chinmoy’s specially composed song for this occasion: “OnenessEarth.”

The Choir sings “Oneness-Earth”.

Mr. Jeff Kamen :

       No struggle for human freedom has so moved the conscience of the world in recent years as that of the black people of South Africa.


 Mr. Thami Mhlambiso Representative. African National Congress

       Despite their pains and the danger they confront each day, they are still a people of deep spirituality. Their chief United Nations spokesman is Thami Mhlambiso of the African National Congress, and he has joined us this evening.

Mr. Thami Mhlambiso) Representative) African National Congress :

       Friends, I am happy to join with you this evening when the holiday season is approaching, the festive season when friends and loved ones will be joined. But coming from South Africa I also must remember those of my friends, my family and relations that are denied their human rights as a result of the policy of apartheid of the government of South Africa. For in that country it is the colour of a man’s skin that determines what place he will hold in society.

       In order to avoid a holocaust in South Africa, let us resolve to bring an end to apartheid and to fight the enemies of freedom and justice. Let us remember also all our brothers and sisters who are homeless today, for it must be our task and duty to see that they also have a place in the sun, so that oneness on earth will flourish . I thank you.

Mr. Jeff Kamen:

       From the people of Panama has come a gift to the world of diplomacy and peacemaking in the person of Ambassador Jorge Illueca , a diplomat in the finest sense of the word, a man who sees something especially worthwhile in this holiday season, as we celebrate “Oneness Earth.” Ambassador Illueca.

H.E. Dr. Jorge Illueca Ambassador of Panama

His Excellency Dr. Jorge Illueca, Ambassador of Panama:

       Americans and foreigners are gathered together this evening sharing as a true human family an inspiring programme celebrating the themes of peace, brotherhood and harmony around the world.

        On this occasion we do well to meditate on the main purpose of the United Nations, which is to be a centre for harmonising the actions of nations in the peaceful attainment of international cooperation and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race , sex, language or religion.

       On the American continent it is only fair to say that the signing of the new Panama Canal Treaties this year will contribute to the establishment of an atmosphere of cordiality and understanding among the United States and the countries of Latin America, whose interests in the canal as a universal artery of commerce and friendship are identical.

       The evils of stagnation, social injustice, racism, apartheid and political conflicts must be balanced against the demands of the man of our time who is pressing on in private or public quest of something ever better . We realize now, more than ever before, how right John F. Kennedy was when he said that those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.

        In their quest for peace, brotherhood and harmony, the peoples of the world share common beliefs, hopes and dreams, and they should come closer one to the other at a time when this “Oneness- Earth” is plunging toward the twenty-first century.

     Let us promote the ability of all peoples to live together and work together in the same world, in brotherhood;

       Let us persevere in our search for peace and justice ;

Let us defend the eternal values of mankind for present and future generations.

Friends we are, friends we shall always be. Greetings to everybody.

Dr. John Grun, Director International Year of the Child Secretariat

Mr. Jeff Kamen : If all the children of the world really had friends , friends who really could help them, then we wouldn’t need UNICEF. But unfortunately, even at the holiday season, millions of children are in desperate need. The United Nations General Assembly has declared 1979 as the International Year of the Child. UNICEF has been designated as the lead agency in coordinating the activities of the year. And it is with great gratitude that we present at this time the Director of the International Year of the Child Secretariat, Dr. John Grun. Dr. Grun.

Dr. John Grun, Director of International Year of the Child Secretariat:

       If there is one issue on which the world is in agreement, it is surely the child. Men and women everywhere agree with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child when it says that the world owes the child the best it has to give. That world, of course, is us, all of us.

       The child is two things: first and foremost, simply a child-a young, defenseless, highly vulnerable human being that commands our instinctive love and sympathy, just because it is a child.

       The child is also the adult of tomorrow. What we do or don’t do for the child will inevitably be reflected in the adult it will be tomorrow. Thus, the issue of the child is inextricably linked with the peace, the prosperity, the very existence of mankind.

       Just as we can best serve our neighbor by loving him as ourselves, so we can best serve ourselves and the world by thinking of and loving others. Loving a child, truly, with an open heart and an open intellect is as beneficial to us as it is to the child.

      There is no future for us – morally, emotionally, physically-except in the child, in the world’s children, our children. That is the spirit which the International Year of the Child seeks to kindle, a spirit from which down to- earth practical and realistic action for the benefit of children cannot fail but flow in abundance.

Mr. Jeff Kamen:

       No matter what our faith, when the holiday season arrives, we are all either motivated by or, at the very least, reminded of open-hearted warmth and sincerity. And so it is altogether fitting that representing the United States of America at this function is a man who, as a member of the United States Congress and as American Ambassador to the United Nations, has come to be known for that kind of open-hearted warmth and sincerity. Ambassador Lowenstein.

His Excellency Mr. Allard Lowenstein, Ambassador of the United States:

      This is the year of remarkable contrasts. Soon we will start the thirtieth anniversary celebrations of the adoption by the General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which, pursuant to the Charter, is designed to assure the world that there will be a decrease in the suffering that people endure.

H.E. Mr. Allard Lowenstein Ambassador of the United States

       Most people are born into a life of unremitting difficulty and perish before they have the opportunity to enjoy any of those advantages which, paradoxically, are available now in a way unparalleled in the whole human experience.

       At the same time that this thirtieth anniversary comes and that people are beginning to acknowledge the finiteness of the planet itself, we find ourselves in so many ways trapped in an impasse that seems to be endless and which seems to be leading to an end to the whole planet. The arms race escalates, the tensions and hatreds escalate, the sense of frustration over dealing with the despoiling of the planet increases. I am struck by the incapacity of people functioning as diplomats to remember that they are people first and diplomats second, so that they can reach to each other and figure out ways that they can resolve dilemmas to the mutual advantage of the whole human race.

       So I hope that in this programme commemorating the holidays and the international sense of renewal, that there will also come to people the realisation that much more is necessary than the repetition of the Declaration or the Charter or past expressions of hope or brotherhood. Much more than that has to happen, or we will continue plummeting towards this extraordinary conclusion, at the very moment we should be rising toward the fulfilment of our greatest hopes.

      I think that if people in this season simply remember how much they have to learn from one another, how much they have to give to one another, and how much they lose by despoiling one another, that perhaps the spirit represented by the President’s new leadership in human rights and by Andy Young’s remarkable efforts around the world to find common denominators for human beings to work together, that perhaps this spirit will grow and flourish. If a Sadat can go to Jerusalem , there ought to be no reason why anyone can’t go anywhere in the hope that somehow together we can create an atmosphere in which we can break out of this deadlock that has made the human experience so difficult for so long.

     I suppose that the ultimate statement for me, and for many others who have heard it, on the question of how we can live together better was made almost ten years ago. It bears some repetition on this occasion. So I would like to finish my comments in this period of renewal by reading once again from Robert Kennedy on the occasion of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, at a time when our own country was suffering from its most divisive and difficult period in this century. Robert Kennedy spoke of what happens when violence destroys the lives of human beings-in that case, a human being of such transcendent significance to the whole world . And then he finished his remarks this way. He said:

       “There is another kind of violence, slower, but just as deadly, destructive as the shot or the bomb or the knife, and that is the violence of institutions: indifference, inaction, slow decay. That is the violence that afflicts the poor, that poisons relations between men because their skins have different colors. That is the slow destruction of a child by hunger, by schools without books and homes without heat in the winter ; until we learn at the last to look at our brothers as aliens, men with whom we share a city, but not a community, men bound to us in common dwelling, but not in common effort. And then we learn to share only a common fear, only a common desire to retreat from each other, only a common impulse to meet disagreement with force. What we need is not division or hatred or violence or lawlessness, but what Martin Luther King had come to personify: love and wisdom and compassion toward one another and a feeling of justice toward all those who still suffer, whether they be white or whether they be black. “My favorite poet was Aeschylus, who wrote, ‘In our sleep, pain which we cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until in our own despair and against our will comes wisdom through the awful grace of God. ‘ Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago, ‘To tame the savageness of man and to make gentle the life of this world. ‘ Let us dedicate ourselves to that same prayer for our country and for all people.”

     Impelled not just by the maxims of religious tradition, not just by the rhetoric of Constitutions, but by the common sense of a race heading at full speed towards its own extermination, I would hope that we could take to heart what it is that Robert Kennedy spoke about ten years ago.

       At the end of the Human Rights Commission meeting in Geneva, the Ambassador from Senegal arose and spoke to all of us. He said, “I hope that as we leave this session and this building,” (which was the League of Nations building, in which the statesmen of the world were discussing international traffic signs at the very moment that Hitler began trying to conquer the world) , “we might all turn back for just one moment and look at the building and ask not, ‘What have I done for my government?’ but ‘What have I done for mankind?’ ” It seems to me that this would be a fitting way for all of us who represent countries in this building to act. Thank you.

Mr. Jeff Kamen U.N. Correspondent, WPIX-TV

Mr. Jeff Kamen: Keeping the building running -and I don’t mean the physical plant here-at the world headquarters of the United Nations is a very delicate matter. Fortunately, Deputy Under-Secretary- General Robert Muller keeps the holiday season spirit of harmony uppermost in his mind each day as he deals with the complex and delicate balances of the world organisation. Dr. Muller.

Dr. Robert Muller, Deputy Under-Secretary-General for Inter-Agency Affairs and Coordination:

       Dear friends, Christmas is a celebration of faith, a renewal of confidence in all that is good in life. I wish therefore to make a personal profession of faith.

       I was born on the border between two countries -France and Germany. My grandfather changed five times his nationality between those two countries without leaving his village. I saw my father once wear a German uniform and then a French uniform . I myself finally wore a French uniform, while my cousins were wearing German uniforms. I have seen horrors during the Second World War, at the age of 17, which I would not have thought possible between such great civilized countries as France and Germany.

      Then God permitted me to come and work for the United Nations. For 30 years I have seen gather in this house delegates from all corners of the world: black and white, rich and poor, believers and non-believers.

  Dr. Robert Muller Deputy Under-Secretary-General for Inter-Agency Affairs and Coordination

       During all those 30 years, my faith and confidence in the United Nations has only grown. It is true, many grave problems and follies still prevail on this earth. But during these years, I have seen humanity get closer together, nations begin to talk to each other, begin to build bridges, begin to consider every conceivable problem concerning human life and destiny on our little planet. Despite the frustrations, I am more enthusiastic today, and I am a greater believer in the United Nations than ever. I thank God every day for having given us the United Nations.

       Christmas is also the celebration of love. I have learned during those 30 years that it is not intelligence and knowledge alone that can solve the problems of this planet, but the power of love. The time has come when we have to rediscover the immense virtues and qualities of love, simplicity, understanding, give and take, friendship, brotherhood, compassion-of all that has nurtured civilization throughout the centuries. We must continue the further ascent of mankind, and it can only be done through an extension of our hearts and of our souls.

       Never before has there been such an opportunity for the fulfilment, for the flowering of human life into an unbelievable consciousness, if we work together at it, not only with our minds, with our hands and intelligence, but also with our hearts and with our souls. We must learn to understand again our place in the universe. We must learn to believe again in the magic of creation, in the miracle which planet earth is and which each human life is.

        This is the great story which is beginning to emerge in the United Nations. I only wish that the public, instead of seeing merely failures and inefficiencies, would try to look at the magnificent human story, the only possible human story, that is beginning to be written in this house. This is my wish on this Christmas.

Mr. Jeff Kamen:

      His Holiness Pope Paul has sent an exceptional diplomat of the Spirit to the United Nations. He is the Right Reverend Monsignor Cheli, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, and he has come here this evening with a special message for us on “Oneness-Earth.”

The Right Reverend Monsignor Cheli, Permanent Observer of the Holy See:

       My dear friends, I am very happy to be with you on this occasion to reflect with you on the theme Oneness-Earth and its significance at Christmas.

       For Christians, Christmas is the supreme expression of love. It is a time to remember that God chose to become man so that people might learn to love God and to love each other. For this is what our Creator asks us to do: “You shall love your God with your whole mind, and your whole heart, and your neighbor as yourself.” For us, Christmas is an encouragement to work for the achievement of this commandment. The beautiful traditions of Christmas and occasions like this, when we can get together to share our thoughts and feelings at this season, are an inspiration to us to renew our love for our Creator and all of creation. We know that if all would have love for each other and for the universe which has been given to us, then all the problems of the world would be resolved.

The Right Reverend Monsignor Cheli Permanent Observer of the Holy See

       For, if we probe deeply to the very root of all the tremendous problems which we at the United Nations attempt to alleviate-racism, disarmament, hunger, underdevelopment, economic injustice, ecological imbalances, etc. -we would find that there at the beginning of the problem is a lack of love; we are dismayed to find that egotism, selfishness, pride and ill-will are operative in place of love and its manifestations in generosity, reconciliation, humility and hope.

      You know, my dear friends, that the Apostle St. John in his old age lived on the Island of Patmos. His custom, after his long life-rich in valuable experiences- was to share only one message with those who came to seek his wisdom and peace. He repeated continuously one notion : Little children, love one another. When asked why he had no other advice than this, he replied that the message of fraternal love was the only important one, that it was the key to peace, and that if that message were not followed, no other one would have any meaning.

      And so, the Church does the same. Why deceive ourselves that any other means will be effective? This is the message that the Pope, the Church documents and every means of communication we have would want to convey: love one another. And so this is the message I bring to you today in the spirit of Christmas. Thank you.

Mr. Jeff Kamen :

       I would like just for a few moments to draw your attention to the exceptional canvas which is displayed here. It is entitled “United Nations : the Heart-Home of the World- Body

Sri Chinmoy, Leader of the Peace Meditation Group  at the United Nations.”

It is the work of the same person who wrote these words :

“The outer message of the United Nations is Peace.

The inner message of the United Nations is Love.

The inmost message of the United Nations is Oneness.

Peace we feel. Love we become. Oneness we manifest.”

      The painting and the poetry are part of the creative outpouring of Meditation Group Leader Sri Chinmoy, who would like to offer a few brief comments on “Oneness-Earth,” at this holiday season. Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy:

The desire-man demands division earth.

The aspiration-man yearns for OnenessEarth.

Oneness-Earth means God-Satisfaction in its universal Dream-Reality.

Dream is the oneness of the earth-family;

Reality is the perfection ever transcending of the earth-family.

Mr. Jeff Kamen: Now the Peace Meditation Group Choir will offer two songs by Sri Chinmoy,

“World Gratitude” and “Human Rights.”

The singers,with instrumental accompaniment, perform “World Gratitude” and ”Human Rights.”

Mr. Jeff Kamen:

       Despite the pain and anger and frustration that so often afflict the world, the very fact of our being here together this evening is living testimony to the existence on this planet of true oneness. And only silence can truly articulate that.

        So I’d like to ask you to rise and join in a minute of silence as we conclude this meditation for “Oneness- Earth” in the holiday season.

Thank you.


Oneness-earth – Oneness!

A life of fullness.

Division-mind dies,

Oneness-heart flies.

Heaven’s God-length:

Oneness-earth’s strength.

Today’ s Vision-Plan :

Tomorrow’s God-Man.

– words and music by Sri Chinmoy


O Human Rights Divine!

l In harmony world you shine.

You are the Voice of Light and blue Perfection· Height.

Yours is the supreme role: to change the cosmos dole.

You are the only strength of Heaven’s Vision length.

Division· bondage-doom no more-

All oneness-bloom.

– words & music by Sri Chinmoy


O World Gratitude Day!

I pray for you, I pray.

Man’s feeble climbing ray

Is one with God’s Vision-Play.

Compassion : highest gift.

Gratitude: fastest lift.

Only satisfaction-seed

Can feed man and God’s need.

– words and music by Sri Chinmoy


UNITED NATIONS: the Heart-Home of the World-Body

We Believe

… and we hold that each man (person) has the potential of reaching the Ultimate Truth.

We also believe that man (each person) cannot and will not remain imperfect forever.

Each man is an instrument of God. 

When the hour strikes each individual soul listens to the inner dictates of God.

When man listens to God, his Imperfections are tuned into perfections, his ignorance into knowledge, his searching mind into revealing light and his uncertain reality into all fulfilling divinity.


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See Also:

A. SUMMARY  excerpts of quotes of participants: oneness-earth-universal-unity-for-holiday-season-programme/ which appeared in the 1977 Devoted Report to the Secretary-General.

Download: Oneness Earth , booklet supplement in pdf formathttps://www.srichinmoypeacemeditationatun.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pma-1977-dec-14-oneness-earth-ocr.pdf

Brief Report also appeared in Dec 1977 “Meditation at the United Nations” pages 44 -53

D. PHOTOS from Oneness Earth – PHOTOS – CBS TV – Holiday Season 1977 Dec UN: