Martin Luther King: Humanity’s Aspiration-Hero – PHOTOS 1977 Nov 29

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On 29 November 1977, Mrs. Coretta Scott King joined diplomats and staff in a meditation and tribute at U.N. Headquarters honouring her husband, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Meditation Group Choir sang three songs composed by Group Leader Sri Chinmoy- one song in Dr. King ‘s honour and two using Dr. King’s words.

Below are some photos of event.


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Opening Meditation:

Peace Meditation at the UN Choir Performs:


Speakers included:

  • Sri Chinmoy, Leader of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations

  • Mr. Paul O’ Dwyer, President of the City Council of New York City

  • Ambassador Salim Ahmed Salim, Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United Nations, Chairman, Special Committee of 24 on Decolonization;

  • Ambassador Leslie O. Harriman, Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations, Chairman, Special Committee against Apartheid;

  • Ambassador Al Lowenstein, United States Mission to the United Nations;

  • Dr. Robert Muller, Deputy Under-Secretary-General for Inter-Agency Affairs;

  • Mr. Donald Keys, NGO Representative, Planetary Citizens

 Mrs. Coretta Scott King



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