Model United Nations and Youth, 21 Oct 1977

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On 21 October 1977 the Meditation Group heard speakers on the subject of the Model United Nations and the involvement of youth with the United Nations.


After the opening meditation by Sri Chinmoy, guest speakers were

Mr. William D. Angel, Associate Officer, Planning and Evaluation, U.N. Centre for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs (ESA-CSDHA); and

Ms. Therese Niedenberger, Secretary-General for this year’s Model United Nations at Gannon College, Erie, Pennsylvania.


Excerpts from their talks follow.

Mr. William Angel: The idea of the Model United Nations involves several different levels:

  • first, the level of modeling for young people the ideals and aspirations of the world community embodied in what nearly one hundred and fifty Member States of the U.N. believe the future of the world organization and world community should be.
  • And, on another level, it is a model of the needs and aspirations of young people – from a global perspective and especially focused on youth’s reactions to the problems confronting the world.

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Ms. Therese Niedenberger: The idea of the Model United Nations was first conceived with two purposes in mind. First of all, it was designed to bring high school students and college students closer together in extra-curricular activities. Secondly, and more importantly, it was designed to better acquaint high school students with international problems that are constantly arising. Our organization was the first designed as such.

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On 11 and 12 November Meditation Group members A.K. Keefe and S.B Curchack were guest speakers at the twenty-fifth Cannon College Model United Nations programme in Erie. Gannon College holds the distinction of being the first college to develop a mock General Assembly for high school students. This year approximately ninety schools attended with nearly 1,000 students participating.

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Messrs. Keefe and Curchack conveyed the Secretary-General’s best wishes to Professor Reinhard and all the participants as they presented a photo of Kurt Waldheim which he had personally inscribed to Dr. Reinhard for his many years ‘ service as the moderator for the Gannon College Model U.N . On behalf of the Meditation Group, the two speakers also presented College President Dr. Scottino with copies of Sri Chinmoy’s thirteen books about the United Nations for the library.


They also met with representatives of the news media to discuss how they might be more involved in supporting the U.N. and the up-coming International Year of the Child. Erie’s Mayor Tullio, President of the 1976 USA Mayors Conference, made a presentation to Messrs. Keefe and Curchack as an indication of the City of Erie’s friendship with the United Nations and its appreciation of the Meditation Group’s efforts to bring forward the highest goals of the U.N. Charter.
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At the plenary meeting the different delegations, composed of high school students from Pennsylvania. Ohio and New York, begin deliberations on resolutions presented by the various committees w ho had met earlier in the day (photo by F. P. Millis).

Guest speakers Mr. S. Bernard Curchack (left ), Mr. A. Kevin Keefe (right ) and Gannon College Model U.N. Secretary-General Therese Nieberger applaud after the presentation from Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim to Dr. Reinhard (photo by F.P. Millis ).

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