Ireland President Erskine Childers meet with Sri Chinmoy 1974 jul-01

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Meeting Between President Erskine Childers of Ireland and Sri Chinmoy:


On his second visit to Ireland, Sri Chinmoy was received by the new President, Erskine Childers, at the President’s House in Dublin on July 1.

The President told Sri Chinmoy, “I have been reading your book, “The Garland of Nation-Souls”, which I like very much. I, too, believe in meditation…I really believe that in these days of turmoil and strife, we all need something like meditation… You how, we have tried teaching something about this in our schools, but the only people who have made a real effort to teach this idea have been people from the East, such as yourself.”   (Dublin, 1 July 1974)

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Previously a similar report also appeared  in periodic l “Meditation the UN” 1974 Aug.

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