UN Charter Signing 26 Jun 1945

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25 April – 26 June 1945: The San Francisco Conference,  results in signing of UN Charter by representatives from 49 countries.



note: Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve (October 3, 1877 – July 7, 1965)  Dean of Barnard College, co-founder International Federation of University Women, (a signer of UN Charter) and sole female USA delegate to  April-Jun 1945 San Francisco United Nations Conference on International Organization, which negotiated the UN Charter which created the UN.

Early use of Name “United Nations” 01 Jan-1942



Declaration by United Nations

On 1 January 1942, representatives of 26 Allied nations fighting against the Axis Powers met in Washington, D.C. to pledge their support for the Atlantic Charter by signing the “Declaration by United Nations”. This document contained the first official use of the term “United Nations”, which was suggested by United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (seated, second from left).
01 January 1942
Washington DC, United States
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