1977 Marathon Runners Reception at UN – Oct – DETAILS + PHOTOS

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Thirty-five members of the U.N. Meditation Group, including eight women, ran with nearly 5,000 other runners in the New York City Marathon on 23 October.

On the evening preceding the race, the U. N . Association of the United States and the New York Road Runners Club hosted a reception for the international marathon runners in the Delegates’ Dining Room at the United Nations.

Sri Chinmoy opened the programme by offering a prayer for the marathon: “O Lord Supreme, may each marathon runner run along Your Eternity’s Road and receive from You Your Infinity’s Love-Light and Your Immortality’s Oneness-Delight.”

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The Meditation Group at the UN Choir performed “Marathon,” a song which Sri Chinmoy had composed for the occasion.

The authorities were so pleased with the song that they asked that it be performed at the finish line of next year’s 26-mile race, and also during the awards ceremony.

Mr. Robert Ratner, President of UNA-USA, and  Fred Lebow, President of NYRRC, addressed the gathering.

Runners from seventeen countries received the U.N. Peace Medal from their respective Ambassadors

or Representatives to the United  Nations.

Sri Chinmoy later offered a special acknowledgement to Miki Corman of Japan, one of the top-ranking women distance runners in the world, who captured first place among the 300 women in the marathon on the following day.

The Meditation Croup at the UN choir sing Sri Chinmoy’s “Marathon” song for Ambassadors and world-class runners .

Sri Chinmoy presents a trophy to world-class runner Miki Gorman of Japan


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