Bicentennial Meditation in NYC Central Park: On, with, for America, 1976 Jul 04

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NEW YORK- Sri Chinmoy conducted a 13-hour meditation in New York’s Central Park on July 4, culminating an 18-month Bicentennial offering to the American nation.

Some Members of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations joined in the event


The Meditation on America/Meditation with America/Meditation for America

began at midnight July 4 and continued until 6 p.m. that evening. It consisted of four sessions, each lasting three or four hours.

It was the first time in memory that New York officials permitted an overnight function in Central Park.

Over the past year and a half, Sri Chinmoy has inspired his students to form two Bicentennial groups- The Sacred Fire and Liberty Torch – to honour their country’s 200th birthday in every possible way.

Some of their achievements have included a 9,000-mile run through all 50 states and an assault on Mt. McKinley, North America’s
highest peak. .

The students  have also given a number of musical and dramatic performances on American themes, and published a book of
reflections on the meaning of America by the nation’s political leaders.

Sri Chinmoy himself has written several songs, poems and plays about America.


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America! Great You Are, Good You are

Composed on Nov. 28th, 1974     Lyrics:

America, America, America! 
Great you are, good you are, 
Brave you are, kind you are. 
O my America, America. 
Your Heaven-freedom is earth’s aspiration-choice.With you, in you, is God-Hour’s Victory-Voice.

Song in:     Namo Namo Namo Shakti Pujari


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